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I'm just oozing culture...

November 07, 2005 | 1 Minute Read

The other week, I went to BAFTA and saw a pre-final cut movie called Copying Beethoven - the director wanted feedback on the movie, so in exchange for getting a free ticket, we had to fill out a survey at the end, to tell him what went right and what went wrong. So, the actual released movie could end up quite different to what we saw. (cant say anything about the movie cos we had to sign something like an NDA (odd thing was that we signed that at the end of the movie, rather than the start)).

Thenon Wednesday, a few of us went to see Rebecca - based on the book by Daphne Du Maurier. Quite enjoyable, and the set was quite well done, given it was a limited budget play.

Last night went and saw The Producers in the west end - very funny and a good play. If you get a chance, definitely suggest you go see it.

Next week or so, we're planning on going to see the Shaolin Monks do their stuff. Dunno if that counts as culture, but it should be good anyway.

I better watch out - all this culture is bound to be damaging me in some way...

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