Matt Richardson


March 06, 2006 | 1 Minute Read

In some ways life is pretty good right now, but in others, it ain't so good. I'm keeping fairly busy - got a social life that’s pretty hectic, but partially because of that, I'm dead tired all the time.

But other than that depressing topic, all's pretty good actually - just applied for a place to live - a 1 bedroom apartment in the docklands - really nice, just have to wait and see if I pass the reference check. Will show you pics if and when I get it. (I'm currently living with Andrea and Mark, and its just too far out from town for me, and I'm also just thinking that I want a place of my very own...)

Slowly getting some things sorted out that I've been meaning to do for a long time, trying to reply to emails for a change, and a lot of other little things that prey on your mind. Been listening to some podcasts that I've been meaning to listen to, and bought some books I've wanted for a while. Just stuff, you know?

Also done a bit of catching up with friends since I've got back - is all good.

Went to the National History Museum today with the Franster, and saw the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award - once again, some really amazing photographs - gotta remember to buy a calendar or something...

Anyway, I think that's enough rambling for now - I don't think any of this really had a point, but good to share (or so I've heard).

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