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Brainbench tests...

October 24, 2006 | 1 Minute Read

Just did yet another Brainbench test the other day, as part of the hunt for a contract job...

Thought it might be interesting to share the results I've had over the time:

<TD colSpan=4><FONT size=2> <TD colSpan=4><FONT size=2>
<FONT size=2>Date <FONT size=2>Subject <FONT size=2>Score[1] <FONT size=2>Percent [2]
<FONT size=2>13/12/2004 <FONT size=2>VB.NET <FONT size=2>4.31 <FONT size=2>98%
<FONT size=2>09/02/2005 <FONT size=2>MS SQL Server 2000 <FONT size=2>3.87 <FONT size=2>91%
<FONT size=2>09/02/2005 <FONT size=2>ASP 3.0 <FONT size=2>4.60 <FONT size=2>98%
<FONT size=2>09/02/2005 <FONT size=2>Visual Basic 6.0 <FONT size=2>4.34 <FONT size=2>99%
<FONT size=2>09/02/2005 <FONT size=2>XSL <FONT size=2>3.12 <FONT size=2>77%[3]
<FONT size=2>22/10/2006 <FONT size=2>ASP.NET (Express) <FONT size=2>3.25 <FONT size=2>56%[4]
<FONT size=2>22/10/2006 <FONT size=2>C# (Express) <FONT size=2>3.62 <FONT size=2>83%
<FONT size=2>22/10/2006 <FONT size=2>MS SQL Server 2000 <FONT size=2>3.95 <FONT size=2>97%

Maybe I do know what I'm talking about.... Just need to brush up on the ASP.NET - thats the one thats letting the team down now...

<FONT size=2>[1] Score is out of 5. Not a strickly linear score though.
[2] Percent actually means 'better than x percent of respondants'
[3] I'd say about about a gazillion times better on the XSL now - 18 months practice...
[4] Really thought I'd do better on the ASP.NET test, and worse on the C#.

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