Matt Richardson

I hate being sick...

January 04, 2005 | 0 Minute Read

Over Christmas, I wasn't the most well, but I'd pretty much recovered by New Years Eve.

But, due to, ahem, an overindulgence on New Years Eve, my immune system has decided to check out what the weather in Majorca is like, and consequentially, left me without one.

So, nowI'm coughing up all sorts of things that aren't supposed to be coughed up (lungs, diaphragms, horrible green stuff, and a golf ball, of all things).

Just have to hang out for the doctors appointment on Thursday now (by which time, I'll be well, but...). You've got to love this country - the earliest appointment I could get was over a week in advance.

I just felt that I had to inflict my whinging on you all.

I'm going to go and sulk now, and suck my thumb.

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