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General Update

February 07, 2005 | 3 Minute Read

I thought I'd actually sit down and share a little bit about what I've been doing lately, as I haven't been posting much real stuff - just funnies and odd stuff that I've felt the need to share.

So, here goes:

I'm still living in Crawley, on Paul & Lydia's loungeroom floor, which, as I'm sure you can guess, is getting a little bit old. And I'm sure that Paul & Lydia are more than getting sick of me being here. So, I've been looking pretty seriously to find a place to live, but so far not having much luck. I have managed to find a couple of places where I liked the house, and liked the people there, but the first never got back to me, and the second, the landlord didn't want an unemployed bum living there. So, I'm still on the lookout for somewhere to live - which is damn annoying, checking the gumtree site everyday, and trying to read between the lines to find a decent place. Big problem is how picky I am - I'm sure I could've found somewhere pretty damn quick, but, well, you've got to have some standards. And given the general standard of London housing, well... Annoying thing is how much it costs to get up to London from here - about £13. So, going up to check out a house is kinda painful on the wallet. 

And, I'm also still looking for work, which is very very annoying. I've had lots of chats with recruitment agents, a lot of which have sounded very promising (and a few that couldn't be bothered giving me the time of day (I don't get it either...)), but none seem to be going anywhere. I'm just keeping looking at the job websites (JobServe, JobSite, CWJobs, Monster, etc), and ringing agents about the jobs and applying. Its just the waiting, waiting, waiting game... Yay. Hopefully something will come through soon. I think the whole start of the year thing has a bit to do with it - Jan is usually a bad time of the year to look for contracts.

So, doing both of these things at the same time is A Bad Thing<FONT size=1>TM. Kinda depressing, really, when they don't go anywhere. I'm sort of hoping that they'll come through together - otherwise, I'll be living in a strange house, spending most of my time there, without a job to go to. At least, if I have a job, it wont be so odd living with complete strangers.

Other than those two terribly exciting things, there's not a lot happening. We went out for Biscuit's birthday on Saturday - the Monopoly Board Pub Crawl (Part One). But, that is a topic for another post. Oh, and next weekend, we're heading over to Rotterdam for a weekend of partying with Margo. Should be a great time (albeit one that takes about a week to recover from - hope I don't have any interviews, or have to start work the following day).

And a final side note - I just started writing down a list of goals and ambitions, places I want to go, and all that guff, as a vague attempt to get somewhere in this little thing called life. I may (or may not), actually get around to posting it here at some point. Maybe.

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