Matt Richardson

Rant: Rubbish Bins...

March 15, 2005 | 1 Minute Read

<Rant mode="on">

I'd just like to rant about rubbish bins for a few minutes... Or more to the point, I'd like to rant about the *lack* of rubbish bins in London's streets and tube stations...

There are *no* rubbish bins near most tube stations, and none in the tube stationsat all. If you ask the station staff, the official answer is to throw it on the floor.

And the dearth of rubbish bins on the streets means that there's a fair bit of rubbish on the streets - not s good look.

Now, while I can understand this is providing gainful employment for many a street cleaner, and tube station cleaner, it still pisses me off.

I know there was the IRA thing with bombs in rubbish bins, but that was quite a while ago. Now, of course, there's the whole al-queda thing, but as to how much of that is actually legit, and how much as scare-mongering, well...

Anyway, Corporation of London, and Transport for London, how about giving us some rubbish bins!


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