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A weekend in Ireland...

April 01, 2005 | 1 Minute Read

Just spent Easter out on a tiny island off the west coast of Ireland, called Inishbofin. Its a tiny island, with 180 people. Its a pretty cool little place, but I don't think I could survive there for more than a week or so.

I went to visit Holly and her friend Tess, who're running a hostel there. Well, Tess is currently running the hostel, and Holly is looking for a job to last her a few months until the hostel gets busy enough to need 2 people to run it. Its a fun little hostel - looks like it'd have a good atmosphere. The owner (Kieran) is a cool guy too. Only wish that I could've understood him... <IMG alt=":)" class="emoticon" src="/images/emotions/emotion-1.gif" border=0>

All in all, had a good weekend - even if the travel times were a little overboard. It took me 14 hours of travel to get back on Tuesday - a little longer than I'd planned. I think it was a 9 part journey home... A ferry, 4 buses, a plane, and 3 trains. Ouch.

Went for a few walks around the island - its only 2 mile by 5 mile, so its not that far to walk. There's some pretty cool places to go a-walking. Didn't see that many people - but definitely found them that night, in the pub - very crowded. There was a bit of the traditional Irish music going - I think at one point, they had 5 violins, 2 piano-accordion things, flutes, a banjo-y thing, and a few others. I'm not quite sure I like the music, but I love the concept, and the community that it creates.

I managed to take some photos - will try and upload them at some point soon.

Oh, and I really don't think the Irish are ever going to win any awards for architecture...

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