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Back from the Fringe...

August 21, 2007 | 3 Minute Read

Headed up to the good ol' Edinburgh Fringe this weekend with Luch - was great!

Ended up seeing:

An AirBalloon Across Antarctica

This was the play that Charlie and her theatre company put on. Slightly mad, but definitely very good. Apparently they're getting offers to go traveling with it, so its going really well. Definitely worth seeing...

Josie Long - Trying is Good

An amusing hour, not brilliant, but fairly good. Best bit of it was that she's allergicto wheat (well, that bit sucks), and she managed to find a really really nice rye bread, made by the strangely named "Alex's Wupertaler & Rye Bakery". Apparently, its only available in Melbourne, which sucks, but then again, it will be good when I eventually get back there. (Oh, and to clarify, rye bread usually tastes pretty horrible, so puts a dint in avoiding the whole wheat thing...)

A pic (of a pic) from one of the fringe mags (mainly as a prompt to my memory in the future):


Jerry Sadowitz - Comedian, Magician, Psychopath

One of those comedians whose 'appeal' is the fact that every second word is a swear word. I can handle swearing, but if that's they're main appeal, well, it sucks. Did some quite clever magic tricks, and had the occasional good joke/comment/whatever, but generally, a waste of time and money. 

Potted Potter: The Unauthorised Harry Experience - A Parody by Dan and Jeff

Very funny - all 6 books, plus a book 7 teaser, in an hour. Mad, funny, and good. Even included a quidditch match!

The Oxford Imps

Improvisation troupe. Fairly good, but not brilliant.


The old favourite musical comedy trio from Melbourne... Funny but not as good as some of their previous material.

Meow Meow in Beyond Glamour: The Absinthe Tour

A very mad burlesque/cabaret/performance art thing... Only managed to get tickets by buying them off some random guy who couldn't make it. Probably the best show I saw. She ended up singing some of the songs in french, and got some random guy who knew a bit of french to translate - rather unsuccessfully, but very amusingly... Definitely worth seeing...

Also ended up going out quite late on the Friday, and to a mates place for a burlesque party on the Saturday. Some interesting pictures from that, but here's me trying to look suave and failing:


And yes, that is a pole dancing pole in the background.... [:)]

But, all in all, had a great time, even though it rained almost continuously on Saturday, and wasn't a lot of fun. Didn't get to catch up with Charlie properly - in between her performing and flyering, and me catching as many shows as I could, it didn't quite work out as well as I wanted... But managed to have a few beers with Greg, and caught up on stuff there.

Now, just gotta make sure I organise the fringe a heck of a lot earlier next time, and get a place in town... Possibly even move up in the world and don't do the hostel thing - the globetrotter was a bit crap, really.

But, all in all, definitely a good weekend, and definitely gonna go again next year!

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