Matt Richardson

I *still* hate NatWest

June 28, 2007 | 1 Minute Read

I just rang up NatWest to complain about a over limit charge they wacked on my account, and they really didn't care.

I saw that I was going to go over my overdraft a few months back, and made the effort to cancel a standing order that was going to take me over the limit. But then, even though it was canceled, it still got taken out of my account. Had a whinge to them about it, and frankly, they didn't care. I made the effort to try and stay within the limit, but they claim that its reasonable to require 3 days notice to cancel a standing order.

THREE DAYS? What planet are they on? I could've sworn that it would be possible to cancel it 3 minutes before it was due to go out - all they have to do is stop the money going out of my account. Woulda thought that was easy.

Well, gonna write them a formal letter of complaint (I want my 35 quid back thank you very much!), and most likely, switch banks.

And damnit, I like writing posts about this - the last post i wrote about NatWest has had 449 hits so far - one of the most popular posts of written (okay, this isn't a very popular blog, but still...). How much damage are they doing to themselves with this?