Matt Richardson

The Globe Theatre...

July 01, 2007 | 1 Minute Read

While Paul & Lyds were over here a few months back, we headed off to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, to see Othello.

I'd seen the "Shakespeare Code" episode of Doctor Who, and thought that it was about time to get along there and check it out, seeing its a pretty damn amazing venue.

The globe theatre

Was well worth going, and seeing theatre as they did in the days of old. Though, was definitely a good idea to hire some seat cushions, and probably would have been a good idea to hire the seat backs as well - hard work sitting for 3 hours on hard wooden benches... Though it would've been much worse for those standing.


Othello itself was hard work keeping up (seeing I didn't even know the storyline), but was done quite well.

All in all, was good - though it was very strange to be sitting in a place like that and looking out the roof (only the bays are covered) and seeing planes fly overhead...