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May 02, 2007 | 2 Minute Read

Finished up at UBS last week, after a four month stint there. Was quite a good place to work, though getting to know the team was hard work though. 'Bout half the work was interesting and enjoyable, but the other half ranged from passable to downright mind-numbingly boring.

But, the project I was on finished up (well, the budget did at least), so that was me out of there. There was talk of getting an extension (one department (in Sydney!) really liked me and how much i was helping them out, so they were trying to see if they could 'sponsor' me to continue working on their stuff), but it would've been more of the boring stuff, rather than the interesting stuff, so I politely declined...

Learnt some good stuff there, but the important bit was getting my foot in the door of an investment bank- once in, it opens a whole lot more doors for more contracts, so looking good. And, really, the money wasn't bad either :)

But, I'm still working for the consulting company that I worked through - up until Thursday at least. Doing some pretty boring stuff that's really not motivating me. But, hey, they're paying me for it... :)

The best thing is on Saturday morning, I head off to that place that's full of sand and pointy things and the giant pussy cat (aka Egypt). Definitely looking forward to the time off, and the travel. We (Paul, Lyds, Hannah and me) are doing a tour there - we couldn't be bothered with the hassle of organising things ourselves. Means we get a decent guide as well who can tell us cool and (hopefully) interesting things about what we're looking at. Also includes 4 days in Dahab, so we get a good relax as well, and some diving as well. Definitely looking forward to it - I think the cameras are definitely going to get a workout! Also good to catch up with Paul and Lyds - been a while since I've seen them (well, excluding the last 2 days where they crashed in my lounge...).

After the holiday, its back to look for a new contract. Not that I want to, but things like that making things like eating and living easier. Hopefully I'll find one that scores higher on the interestingness scale. Fingers crossed at least.

Anyway, that's probably enough for now - I'm gonna try and blog a bit more, but, really, no promises... Just depends what state of mind I'm in (yeah, yeah, that's enough from the peanut gallery!). I've got at least one more post on the tip of my tongue (fingers?), so I might get that out next...

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