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Why OneRoundPebble?

December 21, 2004 | 1 Minute Read

Well, its 3am, I should be heading to bed, and so, seeing I've just been asked (again) why its called OneRoundPebble, I thought I might espouse my views on this most pertinent of topics.

As I'm sure you can see, I'm in full possession of my faculties, and make this deposition of my own free will.

Or Something Like That<FONT size=1>TM.

Anyway, Paul and I used to have a website, called This worked for a while, and let us do all sorts of things that non-computer nerds wouldn't even dream of doing. And, before you ask, no, it didn't involve any of this, this, that, the other thing, nor any hamster rituals.

Moving right along. Seeing I was going to go overseas, and I wanted somewhere to put my blog (this thing that you're reading now), and my photos, and I wanted to tell everyone where to find it, and also that I'd been thinking for a while that just sounded dodgy, I made the earth shattering decision to do something about it. Oh, and there was the vague possibility that Andrew/Biscuit was going to put some stuff up there, so it wouldn't have made much sense.

So, after many coffees, many sleepless nights, many domain name searches, and the occasional considered thought, I came up with OneRoundPebble. Its got that kind of ring to it that makes it memorable, different, and just the right level of coolness that I was looking for.

So that, my friends is why its called

PS - anybody who wishes to complain about the content of this post, and the slanderous possibility that it doesn't actually answer the question, should get their lawyer to contact mine.

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