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Up and coming plans...

August 04, 2005 | 2 Minute Read

Okay, now that I'm in the mood to write some stuff on this blog-thang, I might as well keep writing for a bit...

Vague travel plans coming up...

  • August 6th - 8th - Rotterdam for the weekend to visit Margo and Mara
  • August 21st - 27th - Edinburgh for the fringe festival and military tattoo
  • September 3rd & 4th - Nottingham to visit Wendy for her birthday
  • September 10th - Mark and Andreas wedding (well, if she gives up her smoking, at least)
  • September 11th - 14th - Barcelona with Rob and Matt - maybe
  • September 15th - 20th - Munich for Oktoberfest1
  • October sometime - going to Morocco - maybe
  • November sometime - going diving in Egypt - maybe

And then we kick into the big travel plans... December 15th or so - I'm planning on flying to Melbourne, possibly stopping in Singapore for a few days (if Jo ends up moving there), then 2 weeks over Christmas, up to Queensland with Jeremy (plus one?2) and Leigh and Allison for a weeks diving just after new years. After that, a few final days with the family, then over to New Zealand to visit a few random strangers that I've met (in a random countries, of course) for a few days. Then, over to Los Angeles to jump on a 3 week backpacker bus trek thing across the southern part of the US, ending up in New York. As far as i can tell, that will take me till about the 8th of Feb, then it will be back to London to pay off the credit card debt for a few months... <IMG alt=":)" class="emoticon" src="/images/emotions/emotion-1.gif" border=0>

Anyway, this big travel plan is kinda reliant on there being some reasonable priced flights available - Was looking to pick up a round-the-world ticket for about £1100 or so. But, putting that itinerary into a few websites (like opodo or expedia) gave me a price of around £3500, which is a little more than I was planning on spending... Will have to drop into Flight Centre or something to find out if its feasible...

So, thats the plan. If you're going to be anywhere near where I'm gonna be, holler out, and we'll raise a glass to, well, something.

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1 Yes, i do know that its odd that they have Oktoberfest in September
2 Yes, i know that its unlikely that Jeremy will manage to get himself a girl by then, but, hey, stranger things have happened...

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