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August 04, 2005 | 1 Minute Read

Went out to dinner with my buddies Nathalie and Celine the other week, and we started talking about traveling. Nathalie started talking about how much she liked Scotland, but didn't get enough time there. That led to me saying that I'd absolutely loved it. We got talking about the detail of the trips we'd had there. I said that Biscuit and I'd gone with MacBackpackers, which it turned out that Nathalie had too. She asked when I'd gone...

M: “August last year”
N: “I was there in August... When in August?”
M: “late August... ummm... about the 27th...”
N: “from Castle Rock hostel, in Edinburgh?”
M: “yes...”
N: “I thought Biscuit looked familiar when I met him...”

So, freaky, freaky, freaky, turns out that Nathalie was on the same bus as us for the morning. Also turns out that she's visible in the background of one of the photos I've got from the Edradour Distillery that we stopped at (damn fine cream liqueur there).

Given that we met Nathalie1 early this year via Birte via Eva via Margo, who we met in Inverness, its a small world, eh?

And, she actually remembers talking to Biscuit... For shame, Biscuit for not remembering her...

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1 Oops... seems I don't actually have a proper photo of Nathalie! Sorry, Nat!

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