Matt Richardson


January 19, 2006 | 1 Minute Read

Just sitting on a bus, on the way back to the hostel, after a tour of LA, and then an afternoon checking out the attractions at Universal Studios.

Universal Studios was pretty cool - some of the rides/attractions were a bit crap, but some were pretty damn good. Glad I went, even if it was by myself.

This morning though, had a guided tour of LA, which covered Beverly Hills (inc. Rodeo Drive (we saw Larry King!)), Hollywood, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, and a few other places. Come to the conclusion that Hollywood is vastly overrated. The walk of fame (where the stars in the footpath are), is in a dingy street filled with tattoo parlours and dodgy shops.

Venice beach, where the hostel is, is pretty cool - very 'bohemian' and full of strange strange people - wait till you see the photos. But I think Santa Monica is more my style (minor problem is that over a 3rd of the people there are senior citizens).

All in all, LA doesn't seem all that much - not a lot here really. Add that to getting half attacked by this crazy dude while waiting for the bus yesterday, and well, not that excited yet. That said, really enjoyed Universal studios today, so it comes out okay.

Also, note to self, and to anyone coming to LA at any point. Apparently the Fox studio tour is free to Aussies, and you get a bag of free stuff too. Shame I didn't know...

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