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America trek - part I

March 01, 2006 | 1 Minute Read

Thought it was about time to pull the proverbial finger out of the proverbial whatever, and write something about the trek I went on, before it all escapes from my head in a cloud of coloured smoke... Or something.

Anyway, here's one i prepared earlier. (Quite a bit earlier, actually... Just trim off the moldy bits and it'll be fine...)

Its day 6 of the trek, and I'm sitting in the tour bus, heading from Monument Valley, towards somewhere in Texas. We spent last night in Hogain - a traditional Navajo house, which was cool.

Anyway, going backto the start. So far, we've:

  • camped in Death Valley
  • stayed in Las Vegas (not as in-your-face as I was expecting - pretty interesting place actually; also did a limo tour around),
  • seen the Grand Canyon (at sunset and sunrise and hiked into it and did a helicopter flight over it - and its *big*)
  • did a jeep tour of Monument Valley, with a Navajo guide
  • stayed in a traditional Navajo house
  • ate Navajo tacos - yum <IMG alt=":)" class="emoticon" src="/images/emotions/emotion-1.gif" border=0>

And, surprise, surprise, I've taken about a gazillion photos. Think there's some pretty cool ones in there - I'll have to wait and see...

On the way to somewhere in Texas, to stay at a cowboy camp tonight - should be interesting.

So far, not that excited about America, and American food - not really doing it for me. But, I'm getting to see a big swathe of the country and seeing a lot of the major sites, so its good.

Anyway, time for some shut-eye - its a 6 hour drive today <IMG alt=:~ class="emoticon" src="/images/emotions/emotion-7.gif" border=0>

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