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London side note

October 11, 2004 | 1 Minute Read

(written about mid September)

A few funny things I just remembered from London:

  • Air Sahara - one of the airlines that I flew on whilst in India - one of the budget airlines (kinda like easyjet, or virgin blue in Aus) - apparently has the worst safety record in the world... Glad that I heard that after I got off the plane. Only heard this as second hand info, so don’t quote me on that...
  • While staying at Paul's place, we went and saw the latest Bourne movie, which had a bit of the movie set in Goa, in India. Was quite interesting seeing it, and going "been there" a few times. Then one of the locations looked really familier, and I think it may have been the movie they were filming when I visited Goa with Paul (from infosys). Freaky. Good chance it wasn't, but if it was, cool. Other than that, don’t bother seeing the mvoie. Good storyline, ruined by a director who was trying to be arty with the camera, and inflict migraines and/or epilepsy on the audience.

Anyway, that was my exciting bit of stuff that I absolutely had to share... :D

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