Matt Richardson

Time out from travelling

October 19, 2004 | 1 Minute Read

OK, I'm now back in London, kicking back and relaxing at Paul & Lydias house. (Hopefully, i'm not imposing too much on them... )

I'm back here 'cos:

  • It got to the point in The Netherlands that i was well and truly sick of visiting new cities, so i decided i needed sometime out to relax for a bit.
  • Needed to sort out a few minor things like money and stuff.
  • People keep hassling me to upload photos.
  • Need to update the blog. Still need to write about Austria, Germany and The Netherlands.
  • Need to email and call lots of people (I'll get there, I promise...).
  • Need to get myself an ipod type thing (for those that care, i'm probably going to go for an iRiver H340). Got a little sick of not having my music collection with me :).
  • Need to sort out where i'm going next.

So, I'm here for another week or so, then I'm off again. Not sure where i'm going, but i'm sure i'll find somewhere :).

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