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New Plans...

October 21, 2004 | 2 Minute Read

Ok... I just finished booking my next flight - I'm flying to Athens on monday morning (at an unearthly 6.30am - have to get up at about 4 to get there :)).

Anyway, I'm off to meet up with Amy - a chick I met in Rome (who was travelling by herself, and was looking for a travelling buddy), and we're going to wander around Greece for a while, check out the Greek islands, then duck over to the south of Italy, hopefully check out Sicily, and Sardinia (maybe even Corsica), and then up to Venice (again (to pick up Lauren - someone I haven't met yet :))), then over to France, a quick duck over to Spain (Barcelona), then up through France, ending in Paris.

Well, thats the plan at least. I'm pretty sure it'll work out alright. If all else fails, I'll just wander around for a bit by myself.

Anyway, on a side note, I'm a bit sick at the moment - woke up yesterday with a blocked & runny nose... (isn't it supposed to be one or the other?). Probably too many late nights again - but then again, I'm sleeping in pretty late, so it should counter out. I dunno - all too confusing... Thats another thing - went and played badminton tonight - first time ever. Didn't do too bad - but its been a bit too long since i've done any serious cardiac excercise, so it was a bit painful. Definitely going to hurt tomorrow... Oh, and then I decided it would be fun to run home, just to top it off... <IMG alt=:S class="emoticon" src="/images/emotions/emotion-7.gif">. Insane? I think so too...

Other than that, went shopping today, bought lots of stuff that I'd been meaning to buy for a while (still cant find the zip-off cargo pants that i'm after), and got my haircut - so at least I look a little bit more presentable now :).

Hmm... Must write some more blog entries, so that when i head off, I'm at least nearly up to date... (Matrix is on telly at the moment, so i'm not concentrating too much here :)).

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