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Germany (Part II) - Worms (and Heidelberg)

October 21, 2004 | 2 Minute Read

I must say that I was impressed that I was able to go to a town called Worms (even though its pronounced Verms)... Pretty cool (well, OK, I'm easily impressed, but who cares <IMG alt=:P class="emoticon" src="/images/emotions/emotion-4.gif">).

Well, when we were there, we pretty much wandered around, checked out the sights (took all of an hour), and got lost for a bit. Wasn't too hard to get unlost though. Its a cool little town (I think they claimed it was the oldest town in Germany, but then again, a few towns claim that :)), right on the banks of the Rhine. Sat there on the banks, watching the barges go past, while eating dinner - was nice and relaxing.

The hostel was pretty cool - still full of school kids (and an orchestra group), but we managed to get a roomwith only 4 beds, and a private ensuite - practically a hotel! Very nice, quite enjoyed it. The hostel was right in the middle of town, right opposite a whopping great big cathedral. Quite cool.

While we there, we also ducked off to Heidelberg for a day trip - just for the sake of it. Pretty cool place - its tucked up in a little valley (with a castle above it), so everything up close to the castle is still really old, and all the new stuff is further away - so it doesn't overpower the old. Checked out the castle - very impressive, and also had a wander up through the hills. There's a path through the hills above the town, called the Philosophers Walk (or something), which was a nice walk - pity about the lots of stairs to get there. (Apparently, its a popular place for couples late at night - it'd be quite picturesque :)).

Back at Worms, we found we had a room mate, a German guy called Matias. He was a very very talkative guy, with a pretty poor handle on english... We told him that we were going to grab a beer, and read the newspaper (as we'd had a long day), but he really wanted to talk. Very annoying, especially when he lapsed back into German, and expected us to understand. Luckily we lost him along the way, and managed to have a relaxing night after all. Odd thing was that in the middle of the night, he got a phone call, and then disappeared. Strange.

And then it was on to Bacharach...

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