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Germany (Part IV) - Koblenz

October 21, 2004 | 2 Minute Read

This time, just to be different, we caught the ferry to the next town, which is a pretty smooth way to travel, if i may say so.

Yet again, we were forced to go to a hostel in a castle, this time in Burg Ehrenbreitstein. It was on the other side of the Rhine from the town, so we had 2 choices - walk up to the bridge (500 metres-ish away), or catch a ferry. So, it was the ferry, except for the time we were out late, and the ferry had stopped - then we were forced to do the walk - about an hour and a half all up. Oh yeah - that was the hostel that had the chair lift going up to it - was pretty fun catching a chair lift up and down from the hostel - even if it wasn't cheap... :).

<P align=center></P> <P align=center>The hostel. So annoyed that we were forced to stay thereā€¦ :)</P>

The town's right on the point where the Moselle and the Rhine rivers meet. Right at that point, is a huge statue thing of somebody, in a park called Deutsches Eck (or something). [Getting tired here - I'm getting more and more descriptive :)]. All in all, its pretty cool. Check out the photos - you'll probably agree with me.

Other than that, i got a phone call from the Westpac Fraud Department - they'd noticed that my card had been used in Japan and Thailand, while also being used in Germany. So, their computers picked it up as being a bit odd. They picked up the oddity within a day and a half, so I was pretty impressed. They cancelled my card, refunded the dodgy transactions, and wanted to send me a new card. Only problem was, I had no idea where i was going to be in the 2 or 3 days they needed to get it to me. So, I had to get it sent to England, about 2 weeks ahead of where I was - that was the only date I knew where I was going to be. Painful, but I'm glad they picked it up... Not sure how they got my number - but it was a physical card used in both countries, so it wasn't online transactions. Damn credit cards - so many security problems with them - time to get rid of them, and replace them with something better (just have to come up with the something better, and patent the idea :)).

And that, I think, is Germany done and finished. I think I'm now up to about the 4th of October, so not too much more to write, but its about 1.30am now, and well and truly past my bedtime. So, that'll do for now. G'nite.

[Edit - fixed a typo, and added in the picture...]

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