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Quick Update...

November 01, 2004 | 1 Minute Read

Just thought i'd post a really quick update (knowing full well that i've got a novel about the size of war and peace to write when i get a chance to sit down properly...)

Anyway, currently on the island of Paros, in the Greek Islands, doing not a lot. Just spent some time on Santorini Island, which was a lot of fun. I've met up with Amy, and now we're wandering around randomly. Checked out Athens too, which was pretty cool. Heading back to Athens to explore more of mainland Greece tomorrow night. We're just to go and hire some scooters for the day, and explore this island. Lots of fun!

Just booked the flights onwards - we fly to Nice (France) on the 7th (with a night sleeping at the airport - yay...)

I've taken excessive numbers of photos too - I took about 180 the other day in Santorini - there's just so many things there that are cool. Architecture there is amazing. Got to get the photos up soon.

Doh - run out of time at the internet cafe...

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