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Still Alive...

December 12, 2004 | 2 Minute Read

Even though I really should be going to bed about now, I'm writing a blog entry, just to let you know I'm still alive. That is, if you care, which I'm sure at least 1 or 2 of you do. The rest of you, well, go stick your head in a chicken <IMG alt=:P class="emoticon" src="/images/emotions/emotion-4.gif"border=0>.

I've been really slack lately, and haven't posted anything for absolutely ages. I've still got to write about the rest of my time in Greece, then the time I spent travelling through the south of France, and the amazing time that I had in Paris. Then, there's the vague things that I want to write about for the meantime. Also, there's other non-travel topics I want to write about. Share my deep and meaningful (yeah right) thoughts about various things from software, to 1st contact (the mob that helps travellers get setup in london), to amnesty international comedy shows, the future of movies and building for the future. Not much, but hopefully at some point i'll get something down.

But, generally, I've been slacking off, doing not a lot. I've just got organised and started looking for work - just started talking to agents today, and its already sounding promising. I told him how much i was after (ie lots), and he said that the figure I named was about right, so cool - they work on a percentage commission, so its in their best interests to get me lots of money <IMG alt=":)" class="emoticon" src="/images/emotions/emotion-1.gif" border=0>. I've got a coffee meeting with an agent on monday, so, fingers crossed.

Other than that, I've just started looking for somewhere to live. Living in London goes hand in hand with getting a job there, as I refuse to pay £13 (about AU$32) per day to get into London. Suprisingly. But, finding a place to live is painful - there's a lot available, but they go pretty damn quick. And, there's the whole thing about moving in with complete strangers - am I going to get along with them, are they axe murderers, that sort of thing. But, I've got three places to check out on Sunday, so we'll see how it goes. I'll spend a bit more time in the morning looking at as well, as see if i can find anything else...

Anyway, just saw Blade Trinity tonight - not that you care. But, I enjoyed it, nothing terribly exciting, but alright. A lot more one-liners in this one, with the new side-kick. But, generally, turn off the brain and enjoy. And no, mother, you wont enjoy it <IMG alt=":)" class="emoticon" src="/images/emotions/emotion-1.gif" border=0>.

Anyway, thats about enough babble for now. Its definitely past bedtime.

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