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On Travels... The last of Greece (Finally!)

December 21, 2004 | 2 Minute Read

Okay, seeing I'm getting bored about writing about Greece, and I'm going to pretend/assume that you're bored hearing about Greece, I think we're all glad that this is going to be the last post about Greece.

Anyway, after heading back from Meteora, and staying in our lovely HI hostel in Athens (cheap, but not the nicest - apparently the Athens Backpackers is better), we managed to meet up with some random strangers, who invited us out on a bit of the touristy thing the next day. We ended up seeing the changing of the guard at Parliament House (they march funny, and look funny <IMG alt=":)" class="emoticon" src="/images/emotions/emotion-1.gif" border=0>). Actually found it was more interesting than the one at Buckingham palace. The guy that took us down there had lived in Greece for a long time, and knew a lot of background about it - for example, they wear "skirts" that have 400 folds, one for each of the 400 years of Turkish occupation, and the fluffy pompoms on their feet used to hide knives.

After that, we headed to the Olympic stadium, and saw the end of a 42km marathon, which had people in it that were staying in our hostel. Cool bit was when superman turned up - he was a real sporting type, and not using his super-human abilities. We also met with Daranee and Kent, some Adelaide kids that coincidentally enough, I caught up with last Friday.

Then, we bundled off on the bus to the airport, fretting that we were going to be late, then realised that we had the wrong time, and were two hours early... Jumped on a plane to Berlin, and slept in the deserted Schoenefeld airport, which was an "interesting" experience... One more "odd location I've slept while travelling" that I can add to the list.

<P align=center><IMG alt=”Amy sleeping at Berlin airport” src=”/common/photoalbum/generatethumbnailimage.aspx?img=..%2f..%2fmatt%2fphotos%2fallphotos%2ftravels%2f03+-+TheTrip%2f10+-+France+-+November+9+to+November+24%2f01+-+Nice%2fPB080043.JPG.lnk&thumbnailtype=photoalbumpage” border=0>
How’s this for a promotional shot for easyJet?</P>

And then, it was on to France, which is a whole new topic for a whole series of posts. Oh, and i think this makes the date the 7th of November.

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